What are the benefits of Broadband?

Broadband has many key features that can make using the internet more relaxing, enjoyable and useful. By speeding up what you do online, it can make a real difference in your everyday life, be it at home or in the workplace.

Connection to the internet is much faster than the conventional dial-up connection. A 1 Mb service can send and receive information up to 20 times faster than a dial-up connection. Large volumes of data can be transferred - with high bandwidths that broadband has to offer large amounts of data can be sent and received by your PC at a fast rate. Your internet is always on, which means that you do not have the hassle of dialling up or logging on every time you want to access the internet. Your telephone line is unaffected, so you can make phone calls from your landline whilst the internet is running. There is no need to disconnect the internet when you want to make a telephone call. There are no surprise charges as broadband providers usually charge a standard monthly fee depending on what package you take. This means that you can pay for unlimited internet access and you do not get charged for the time you spend by surfing on the internet. As websites download almost instantly, you can enjoy complex web pages with detailed graphics without having to wait for them to load up. You can download music and videos and avoid the queues at the shops by purchasing music and videos online.

Downloads can be made online at a fast rate, you do not even have to leave your house. Through instant messaging or online interactive games you can communicate in real time with friends and family around the world.

The fast speeds that broadband has to offer and increased volume of data transfer can be used to help run a business more rapidly, efficiently and productively.

Some other benefits in related sectors:

  • EDUCATION: bringing dynamic resources into the classroom while enabling seamless communication and partnering among teachers, students and parents.

  • HEALTH CARE: creating shared services that reduce operating costs and provide patients with a broader spectrum of enhanced services including remote diagnostics, administration, scheduling and electronic patient records.

  • PUBLIC SAFETY & EMERGENCY RESPONSE: rapidly connecting response teams with vital information improves coordinated, timely reaction to accidents and disasters. Moreover, citizens gain access to the information and tools they need to make decisions and seek support.

  • CITIZEN AND SOCIAL SERVICES: online services enhance service coverage and quality, save valuable time and public money while improving overall efficiency through services such as smart grid technology and platforms to communicate and collaborate.

  • ECONOMIC & WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT: enhancing productivity and competitiveness. Through broadband new business practices and models can be adopted to increase revenues, reduce costs and improve customer service. Being online allows businesses to be anywhere and serve customers everywhere.

  • REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT: attracting and retaining innovative businesses, allowing the local economy to become more diverse and resistant to economic shocks, as well as providing well-paying, high-quality jobs.

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