Technical University of Gabrovo has been involved in a project looking for the answer of the question how the broadband access can be improved


On the June 26 at Technical University of Gabrovo, National PPP4Broadband Information Day was held. The name of the project is "Tackling the Broadband Gap in SEE rural areas through PPP". The main internet problems were discussed with the people in order to be informed about the aims of the project.The main idea is the broadband access to be stimulated in the SEE rural areas. High - speed Broadband internet coverage should be ensured with speed above 20Mb/s until 2015. Another aim of the project is to ensure broadband access with small price - it is important for the end user of this service. If different interesting apps for people are created a lot of people will be interested in such kind of services as: e-Government, e-Education, e-Health, e-Trade, e-Business etc.

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