National & transnational trainings for usage of CoE services


PPP4Broadband partners intend to organize 2 national and 1 transnational trainingsĀ about how to use services provided by national Centres of Excellence and how to use PPP4Broadband models.

All these Trainings will follow the same Guideline and use the same Trainings materials developed within project. Public administrations are fully welcomed to take a part as they are the key target group. In addition, they willlearn relevant policies and get familiar with importance of fast and stabil broadband infrastructure as well as with benefits of PPP especially for broadband development.

PPP4Broadband supportive tools - National Centres of Excellence, PPP4Broadband Portal and PPP4Broadband models customized according to the national specificsĀ in PPP procurement - developed during project will be disseminated among audience.

Trainings will be held in autumn this year. Once partners will finish the organisation, information and agenda will be available on national sections of all Centres of Excellence.